Live Real Madrid vs Juventus, Champions League: live score updates

Real Madrid's Luka Modric in action with Juventus' Miralem Pjanic and Blaise Matuidi

Final whistle

Real Madrid go through 4-3 on aggregate by virtue of an enormously controversial penalty award by Michael Oliver. It all kicked off in the press box with Italian journalists ejected after protesting the penalty. Ronaldo holds his nerve to score. 

What a sickener for Juventus

They've played magnificently tonight. Lucas Vazquez had already moosed up his chance of scoring when Benatia challenged him. Don't know how hard he hit him. It didn't look as though he applied any real force but he did touch him. 


Real Madrid 1-3 Juventus (Ronaldo, pen)


Ronaldo scores, top right corner. 


Ronaldo gets ready to take. 

Higuain off, Szczesny on

The contact wasn't all that much but it was evident. Buffon prodding the referee ended his game. 

The arguments continue

Szczesny is waiting to come on. 

Buffon is sent off for protesting!

Benatia did catch Lucas Vazquez who made a meal of it. Falling like the Vietman Why? poster man. 


Lucas Vazquez is knocked down in the box. As he tried to turn in Ronaldo's knock down. 

90+1 min

We'll have three minutes added before extra-time (should there not be a goal). Real Madrid are happy to hold what they've got for now ...

90 min

Benatia is booked for a foul on Asensio in the centre-circle. Sergio Ramos, in the dugout and without his jaunty hat now, waves an imaginary card. 

89 min

Juventus are starting to flag and Real are camped around their box. Marcelo with a throw on the left and they work it to Asensio who is hounded fairly by Benatia and then Lichsteiner tackles Isco for the free ball. 

87 min

Kroos, Isco and Marcelo interchange passes on the left until Marcelo floats in a right-foot cross that has no weight on it so Mandzukic easily wins the defensive header. Ronaldo falls heavily and appeals to the ref but it was a fair challenge. 

86 min

Ronaldo with a back post header. He beats Lichsteiner to win it but meets it on the up. He usually gets over it but didn't this time and flashes his header over from five yards. 

84 min

Vallejo is diddled by Higuain's first touch and responds by hacking at his achilles from behind. He, too, is booked. It's 30 yards out, Pjanic takes it quickly, sliding it into the box but Mandzukic and Matuidi failed to read his script and went too late, allowing Navas to gobble it up. 

83 min

Marcelo upends Douglas Costa with an ugly lunge and joins his Brazil understudy Alex Sandro in the book. 

82 min

Juventus work the ball back to Buffon and take the sting out of Real Madrid's attack. It seems like both teams are trying to regroup. Neither is maintaining possession effectively lately. 

80 min

Varane chance from the Real corner. A normal centre-half would have preferred the opportunity to head it but the opportunity arrives at Varane's feet with his back to goal and he spins adroitly but steers his right foot shot wide. He hoped to bend it in but didn't wrap his foot around it sufficiently. 

78 min

Real Madrid have been terrible so far but still look dangerous, largely through Isco and Ronaldo. The latter shoots from 25 yards, crashes his drive into Benatia and Buffon gets down smartly low to his right to tip it round the post. 

76 min

That's better from Vallejo who was vigilant when his midfielders weren't, sticking to Khedira who made a run to meet Mandzukic's left-wing cross and blocking his attempt to hook a shot in. 
Gigi Buffon celebrates Matuidi's third that levels the tie 3-3 on aggregate
Gigi Buffon celebrates Matuidi's third that levels the tie 3-3 on aggregate CREDIT:  REUTERS/SUSANA VERA

74 min

Real Madrid substitution, their third. Luka Modric goes off to be replaced by Mateo Kovacic. 

73 min

Ronaldo shoots from the left of the box with his right, no real force in it but it bobbles through and takes a deflection. Buffon had it covered but dived just to make sure. 

71 min

Douglas Costa hacks down Marcos Asensio and becomes the fifth Juve player booked. Nasty one. 

68 min

Real Madrid free-kick, 22 yards out, right of centre, earned by Lucas Vazquez looking for his foot to catch a fallen player's arm. Asensio takes with his left foot and spoons it over the bar. Here's the third goal:
Navas drops it
Matuidi gets to it first
Matuidi gets to it first CREDIT:  REUTERS/PAUL HANNA

66 min

Real Madrid have been appalling at dealing with crosses all night but now Asensio shows them how it;s done by winning a near-post header and initiates a Real Madrid break that is stopped by Alex Sandro who checks Ronaldo in the centre-circle and is booked. That would rule him out of the semi-final should Juventus get there. 

63 min

More haste less speed - apologies mixed up provider and scorer - it was Douglas Costa crossing and Matuidi who was gift-wrapped the equaliser by Keylor Navas. 

61 min

Remarkable! The keeper has chucked one in. Keylor Navas went down on one knee to catch a rudimentary Douglas Costa cross and dropped it at Matuidi's feet who tapped it in from five yards!


Real Madrid 0-3 Juventus (Matuidi)

59 min

Chance for Higuain, turning to shoot in the D after Mandzukic exploited Modric's loose pass, centred it to Khedira who laid it off to the centre-forward who scuffed it. 

57 min

Ronaldo is found by a Lucas Vazquez pass by the 18-yard line after the substitute sped away from Khedira. He hits his shot first time but drills it low and too close to Buffon who drops on top of it.

55 min

Carvajal takes Mandzukic's arm on the chin as the chased a ball down the Real Madrid right. It looked accidental and Oliver duly gives the free-kick but not the yellow card that Carvajal's ridiculous rolling and wailing demanded. Real are caught offside from the set-piece. 
Zidane protests

53 min

Ronaldo does a push and run round Chiellini into the box, sliding it down the defender's left side then running down his right to retrieve it. But Benatia is alive to it and sprints over to block his attempt to cross from the byline. Here are the average touch positions:

51 min

Juve try a left-wing cross aimed for Mandzukic at the back post, a mirror to the move that brought them two goals. Alex Sandro arcs it perfectly but Varane tracks its flight and challenges Mandzukic, not leaving it for Marcelo, and biffs it away with the top of his head. 

49 min

Douglas Costa whips it away from Marcelo who dives in to try to retrieve it instead of jockeying back. The winger flies past him and cuts in in to his left foot then blasts a 22-yarder intended for the top right corner 3ft wide and rising. 

47 min

Lucas Vazquez has slotted in on the right and Asensio on the left. But it's through the inside left channel that Lucas Vazquez makes his first mark when played through by Isco and Asensio but he spurns the opportunity to shoot first time with his left and wastes the chance. 

46 min

If Gareth Bale can't take that hint he must be tone deaf. He now has a bootprint on the seat of his pants as he heads for the exit door. 

Double Real Madrid substitution

Bale off for Lucas Vazquez and Marco Asensio replaces Casemiro. 

Team talks

More importantly than motivation, Real Madrid need some reorganisation. Jesus Vallejo is having a mare and Steven Gerrard thinks he has to be taken off for his own and Real Madrid's benefit. 
Jesus Vallejo helps his keeper thwart Gonzalo Higuain
Jesus Vallejo helps his keeper thwart Gonzalo Higuain CREDIT: OSCAR DEL POZO/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

Here's Mandzukic's second

Mandzukic steers in Juve's second
Mandzukic steers in Juve's second CREDIT: DAVID RAMOS/GETTY IMAGES
Mario Mandzukic celebrates after scoring his side's second goal during a Champions League quarter-final
Belief courses through Mandzukic's veins CREDIT: AP PHOTO/PAUL WHITE

Half time

Tremendous from Juventus as they took the tie by the scruff of its neck and hauled themselves back into contention by virtue of Real Madrid's shaky defence in the absence of Sergio Ramos. They're killing them down the right and Mandzukic is feeding on Carvajal's uncertainty in the air at the back post. Khedira, Pjanic and Matuidi are having stormers in midfield though Real look capable of scoring, so slick is Isco and so evasive and irrepressible is Ronaldo. 

45+1 min

We'll have two minutes more - beginning with Varane crashing a header into the crossbar from 10 yards. Ronaldo had won the free-kick when Chiellini made sure that although Ronaldo got to his feet first he wouldn't take the ball with him. 

44 min

Ronaldo throws himself to the grass in the box as he tried to wriggle past Benatia with a shimmy and a turn. Isco carved the centre of midfield open to make 40 yards before slipping a pass to Ronaldo who tried the stop-start trick. Benatia didn't buy it but did shove Ronaldo as they fought for his lay-off. 

43 min

Great sliding tackle from Matuidi in midfield halts Modric's break. He timed it superbly to block-tackle him. Modric looks crestfallen and demands a foul but for what? 

42 min

Carvajal flays a right-wing cross over the bar and into the crowd. 

41 min

This is Keystone Cops stuff at the back from Real Madrid, hacking wildly at clearances, heads patently gone for now. All the songs are coming from the Juve fans and Real's are whistling. 

39 min

Great cross from Lichsteiner after a rapid counter-attack and it's another towering, crashing back-post header from Mandzukic. He beasted the Liliputian Carvajal in the air and though Navas got a hand to it the header still snuck in between his fingertips and the upright.


Real Madrid 0-2 Juventus (Mandzukic)

37 min

Where Lichsteiner arrests his progress with a clumsy tackle that earns him a booking largely because of Ronaldo's outrage. 

35 min

Fine save at the near post by Buffon when Isco is played into the box on the left by Ronaldo's cute pass through the inside-left channel, out to in. He seemed offside by a few inches but the linesman didn't think so. The corner is robustly cleared but Ronaldo comes back up the left ...

33 min

It's all Real Madrid at the moment as Juve look nervy in possession when trying to play out from the back. Alex Sandro and Benatia give up possession and both Kroos and Isco have shooting chances, both of which are blocked. 

30 min

The free-kick is a right-foot outswinger that is glanced on Pjanic and makes its way through to Marcelo who smashes a booming, swerving volley that wobbles past the far post. Ronaldo goes to the referee to claim Benatia had him in a headlock when the free-kick came in, which he did but Oliver didn't see it or thought it was par for the course in the penalty box set-piece grapplefest. 

28 min

Juventus continue to press, hounding Real Madrid's midfield and squeezing their options for an out ball. Chiellini is stalking Bale like an assassin while Mandzukic is tracking back doggedly. With too much bite here, giving away a free-kick for catching Carvajal's heels 25 yards out on the Real right. 

26 min

Casemiro gives the ball away cheaply again, which is the antithesis of his usual function but he's bailed out by a hitherto creaking Varane. 

24 min

After a delay while Mandzukic is treated, he gets up gingerly but quickly lengthens his stride. Juventus win the ball on the left, whip it in to Higuain who nods it back and Khedira meets it sweetly on the volley from 20 yards but slices it out towards the right corner flag. 

22 min

Carvajal is booked for a late tackle on Mandzukic, planting his studs on to the top of the Croatia striker's foot. 

20 min

Here's a better picture of Mandzukic's finish and acrobatic shape:
Mandzukic opens the scoring
Douglas Costa picks up the ball in the right-back position after a mistake from Marcelo and hares forward, making 60 yards with Real Madrid frantically retreating but his ball to Matuidi, who was keeping pace with him on the break, was awful and easily intercepted.

18 min

Juventus substitution: De Sciglio off for Lichsteiner. De Sciglio curses the world and hurls his trackie top in the air - in frustration at injury or because he disagrees with his manager over his ability to continue? 

16 min

Thrilling match so far - Juve corner, nodded on by Pjanic at the near post and Real only just manage to scramble it away because the awkward bounce meant Mandzukic met the flick on at thigh-height and couldn't get over it to shoot. 

14 min

Real Madrid put the ball in the Juve net but Isco was offside. Ronaldo made 30 yards, cut in from the left with De Sciglio retreating and unwilling to try to tackle him. When he delivers the cross, though, Isco had gone too soon and wandered half a yard offside. 

12 min

Chiellini saves the day after a sweeping move from Real begun by Carvajal's upfield dart. Isco and Ronaldo combine and Isco makes his way into the box for the intended square pass, drifting beyond his pursuer Khedira. Isco accepts it 10 yards out but Cheilini manages to telescope out a leg and disrupt his shot allowing Buffon to save. 

10 min

Chance for Real made by a one-two  between Modric and Ronaldo. The former dribbles into the box, taps it up to Ronaldo who backheels the return. Modric continues his run to gather the pass and threads it through to Bale. Out comes Buffin and blocks the stabbed shot diving low to his left but Bale chases after the rebound and tries to catch him by surprise with a donkey kick of a backheel that crashes into the side-netting. 
Mandzukic scores Juventus' opener
Mandzukic scores Juventus' opener CREDIT: JAVIER SORIANO/AFP/GETTY IMAGES

8 min

Another chance created down the right - Vallejo misplaces a pass intended for Varane to Douglas Costa who burns down the right and drags back a daisycutter of a cross through the six-yard box. Higuain slides in to try to convert with his studs but Navas manages to block it with his legs before Real hack it clear. 

6 min

Matuidi catches Modric on the bottom of the foot in the centre-circle as he tries to whip the ball away from behind him. Free-kick and Modric shoves Matuidi when he tries to help him up. 

5 min

Terrific start from Juventus who are raiding down the right, exploiting the lack of covering runs from Ronaldo, Isco or Bale to help out Marcelo. Great cross from Khedira, on a 24-carat plate. 

3 min

Douglas Costa wins the ball from Casemiro on halfway, skates forward making 30 yards and slips the ball out to the right for Khedira who stands up the perfect cross to the far post where Mandzukic meets it crisply and guides it across goal and into the top corner. 


Real Madrid 0-1 Juventus (Mandzukic)

1 min

We're off. Juventus in yellow, attacking from left to right. Real work it back to Keylor Navas who pumps it up the left. Ronaldo is challenged by De Sciglio and goes down, beseeching Oliver for a free-kick which is not forthcoming. 

Jaws V

Der-duh, Der-duh, Der-duh, Der-duh ...
Real shark banner

Greatest 'Champions League goal'

The BT Sport panel - Rio Ferdinand, Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard - have been discussing with Gary Lineker whether Ronaldo's overhead was the greatest CL goal ever. Gary Speed's beautiful volley against Stuttgart in 1992 is missing from the shortlist so I will join them in voting for this, Zinedine Zidane’s 18-yard balletic, ballistic volley past Leverkusen's Hans-Jorg Butt in the 2002 final at Hampden:
Zidane's volley

Those teams in black and white

Real Madrid Navas; Carvajal, Varane, Vallejo, Marcelo; Kroos, Casemiro, Modric, Isco; Ronaldo, Bale. 
Substitutes Casilla, Benzema, Hernandez, Vazquez, Llorente, Asensio, Kovacic.
Gianluigi Buffon of Juventus arrives at the stadium prior to the the UEFA Champions League Quarter Final Leg Two match between Real Madrid and Juventus at Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on April 11, 2018 in Madrid, Spain
Gigi Buffon arrives at the Bernabeu for what will be his 117th and probably final Champions League appearance for Juventus CREDIT: ANGEL MARTINEZ/REAL MADRID VIA GETTY IMAGES
Juventus Buffon; De Sciglio, Benatia, Chiellini, Alex Sandro; Khedira, Pjanic, Matuidi; Costa, Higuain, Mandzukic.
Substitutes Szczesny, Cuadrado, Marchisio, Asamoah, Rugani, Lichtsteiner, Stuaro.
Referee Michael Oliver (England).

Mario Mandzukic replaces suspended Paulo Dybala for Juve

 And Kwadwo Asamoah makes way for Blaise Matuidi.

Gareth Bale starts for Real Madrid

Good evening

Last night Roma pulled off one of the great comebacks and last year Barcelona, who were devoured at Stadio Olimpico, bit back at Paris Saint-Germain after a first leg Champions League knockout mauling. Both were tremendous victories but both were at home and should Juventus somehow manage to overturn their 3-0 deficit at the Bernabéu, given the venue and who they are up against, it will cap those two and rival Metz's 4-1 win at Camp Nou in the 1984 Cup Winners' Cup as the greatest comeback away victory in the long history of European competition.
Juve have only one thing in their favour - a crisis at the heart of Real Madrid's defence: Sergio Ramos is suspended, Nacho injured, Raphael Varane only just back from injury and Jesus Vallejo, promising but callow and prone to positioning errors in his four Liga appearances this season. Even so, the likelihood is that Real Madrid will secure an eighth successive semi-final place because although Juventus had their phases of control during the home 3-0 defeat and moments of inspiration during the 4-1 loss in last year's Cardiff final, Real's midfield seems to dominate the Italian champions' and their forwards find space Juventus cede to few other teams and have the breathtaking skills to exploit it. Never more so than Cristiano Ronaldo with his marvellous bicycle kick last week. 
 Marvellous - but Zlatan Ibrahimovic's for Sweden against England still beats it.
In 2015 Juventus won 3-0 at the Westfalenstadion in the Round of 16 but already had a first leg lead and you have to go back 20 years and to Kiev's Olympic Stadium for a comparable away victory, 4-1 over Dynamo by virtue of Pippo Inzaghi's hat-trick. Success for them tonight beggars belief but they will have weaknesses on which to prey.