How To Get Google Adsense Approval – 100% Guaranteed

Do you need to know how to get google Adsense approval? If yes then you are in the right place. Here I will show you how to get google Adsense approval. This solution is proven and 100% guaranteed. You have to follow my instruction carefully to get a fully approved AdSense account.
Everyone know that Adsense is a high paying CPC advertising network. CPC means Cost Per Click. Almost every new blogger’s dream to get an Adsense account to make money. A few years earlier it was pretty easy to get Adsense approval. But nowadays it’s getting harder. Because day by day, the number of applicants is increasing.
Also, AdSense is popular for its attractive features and high pay rate. Only Adsense shares up to 68% revenue with the publisher. If we focus on Adsense’s features, we will come to know why people love it. Among many, I will highlight some most important features of Adsense:
  • Adsense measures user interest through a complex algorithm. In this way, Adsense serves the most relevant ads on a web page. So the chance to get clicks on that ad is pretty high.
  • The contextual advertisement of AdSense performs with your blog in an attractive way.
  • Adsense provides the report of every single advertisement used by a  publisher. So the publisher can understand his every ad performance and also improve the ads placement on his website to increase revenue.
  • You can make and design your own ads through Adsense ad code generator. You can choose the ad size, ad format, color, responsiveness etc. You will have almost every control on your Adsense ads.
  • Nowadays Adsense is serving page level ads for mobile devices. This will increase the chance to get more clicks on your ads.
  • The Adsense account management system is very easy. You will get instruction through help links on every page of google Adsense publisher account.
Experts are working to develop features of google Adsense. And this is also true that getting Adsense account approval is becoming harder day by day. Adsense receives thousands of application every day but very few of them get Adsense account approval.
If you can understand the reason for the rejection, you will be able to avoid that. Today we will see why Adsense rejects the application and how to avoid those mistakes. Remember that, google only allow quality blogs to become their Adsense publisher. So, first of all, you have to take care of your blog and then apply for Adsense. If you can do this, it is guaranteed that you will get google Adsense approval.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval?

I will show you how to prepare your blog to get Adsense approval. So read my instruction carefully. Do as I say and you will surely get google Adsense approval within a very short time.
1. You Must Chose A Top Level Domain:
A few years ago it was possible to get Adsense account with third party blogs. You may have heard that many people get Adsense approval with their blogger blog, WordPress (.com) blog etc. These third party blogs providers generate a subdomain for a free blog. By this time this is not possible to get Adsense approval with these subdomains.
Even google banned many low-level domains and subdomains from Adsense. So you should not think to apply google adsense with any free subdomain or any low-level domain. Some most popular low level domains are: .tk,, .cc etc.
I personally think that google needs to make sure that you are passionate about your blog. Your blog should reflect your professionalism. With these low-level free domain or subdomain, you can not prove that you are serious about blogging. So there is no chance to get Adsense approval with these kinds of domains. Understand the difference between top level domain and subdomain from the image:
Top Level Domain And Subdomain
You must buy a top level domain if you need to get Adsense approval. Domain name is not so expensive. So you can easily buy .com, .org, .net domain from GoDaddy or any other trusted domain providers.
2. Choose Domain Name Wisely:
Only purchase a top level domain is not enough. You must choose your domain name wisely to get Adsense approval. Here is a checklist to buy an Adsense friendly domain name-
  • Do not purchase a domain name like hacks, cracks or downloads. Google doesn’t allow Adsense in this kind of websites. So you should avoid these kinds of words from your domain name.
  • You can’t use any established brand’s name inside your domain name. If your blog violates someone’s copyrights then you will surely not get Adsense approval.
  • Adult sites are not allowed in AdSense. So you must avoid any adult terms like sex, porn, xxx etc from your domain name.
  • If you wish to buy an old or used domain name then please don’t forget to check the domain is blacklisted or penalized  by google or not. You can use this blacklist checker and penalty checkertool to test an old domain name before purchasing.
3. Design And Navigation System Of Your Blog:
According to the quality assurance team of Adsense, we should use a simple and clean design on our blog. Whatever element we use in our website should have a reason. Google focus on design to improve the user experience.
Navigation system is another major part to get google Adsense approval. We should use a simple and appropriate navigation system to give our readers a clear idea about our site. If people can navigate and understand a site easily then this will help to get Adsense approval easily.
There are many free and premium theme available out there for the different blogging platform. It doesn’t matter that you are using WordPress or blogger or any other Content Management System (CMS). Chose an Adsense friendly theme and create a simple navigation system. Here are some free premium looking blogger templates you may take a look.
Finally, your website should have a LOGO and Favicon. Without Logo and Favicon, the design and the unique identity of your website is incomplete. Try to design a beautiful logo which gives your website a professional look.
4. Create Important Pages:
You must create some important pages for your website before applying for google Adsense. Without these important pages, you are not going to get Adsense approval. Even these pages are important for improving the user experience of your blog.
Important Pages For Adsense
Terms & Condition / Privacy Policy Page: This is the most important page where you will set the rules for readers. You will tell people how they can use your website content. What is their limitation to use your content or service? What types of cookies you are using.  What will be the cause of copyright violation for your site and comment policy of your site?
Contact Page: You must give your readers to get in touch with you. If they need to contact you, this page will give the opportunity. The contact page is very important for a website or online service. If anyone needs to promote their product on your blog, they will be able to contact you through this contact page. Here is a guide to creating a contact page for blogger.
About Page: I have already told you that google always thinks about user experience. The about page is important to improve the user experience. Many people will become interested in you after landing to your blog. So let them know about you and your blog via this about page.
5. Create Quality Content:
This is true that content is king. Quality content is everything for a blog. If you can’t provide quality and original content then you should forget about Adsense. Your contents must add some value to your readers. We know that traffic is not required for getting google Adsense approval but if you need to make money from Adsense then you must need traffic.
Unique Content Is King
Without original and interesting content, you will not get higher rank in search engines. Also, you will not receive any visitor on your site and most importantly you will not get Adsense approval. So quality content will get
  • Higher search engine rank.
  • Huge organic traffic.
  • More returning visitors.
  • Google Adsense Account Approval.
  • More Money.
This is almost unbelievable that many new bloggers get google Adsense approval with only 20-30 contents just because their contents are original, interesting, SEO friendly and descriptive (800- 1000 words minimum). So you must focus on your content and maintain a regularity to publish it.
If you are planning to get google Adsense with duplicate content then forget it. Everyday google refuse thousands of AdSense application for low quality and duplicate content. Also, you must avoid Hacking, Craking, Casino, Gambling, Adult, Alcohol related and copyright violated content.
6. Submit Your Website To Search Engines:
The search engine is the only way to discover information on the web. There are many search engines available out there. So now its turn to let people discover our content via search engines. I said there are many search engines but at first we will target only top two. These are Google, Yahoo & Bing.
If you do this job then google will understand that you know the way to bring your content in front of the world. So simply submit and verify your website to google and bing webmaster tools. When you will get access to the webmaster tools dashboards then submit your sitemap there.
For many new blogs, google could take up to 2 weeks to index. So don’t worry. Keep monitoring your site to see if it is indexing regularly or not. You can visit google and bing to see how many pages of your blog is indexed by typing To increase the crawl rate and get a faster index, you can share your published article on Facebook Twitter and Google Plus.
7. Focus On Analytics And Webmaster Tools:
Google analytics is a free visitor analysis tool powered by google. You should add it in your site to monitor the activity of your visitors. Even you will be able to see your traffic sources and get a complete traffic analysis report.
We have added our site to google webmaster tools in the earlier step. Now it is time to monitor our site for any critical issue. If there is a problem to understand and index your site then google webmaster tools will notify you. In this way, you can resolve any issue of your site and take a step forward to get google Adsense.
8. Remove Other Ads:
Although Adsense allows other advertisements with it as long as it goes with Adsense policy but while applying for Adsense, you should remove any other ads from your blog. You can use ads from other affiliate networks with Adsense but keep them away from your blog while verification continues.
9. Some Additional Tips:
  • Use your best site to apply for Adsense if you have more than one.
  • Your website language must be supported by Adsense. Take a look on Adsense supported languages.
  • Google will verify your address and you will not be able to change the payee name so use appropriate information while applying.
  • You must be an adult (18+) to apply for Adsense.
  • Mention, flat number, house number and road number separately in the address field.
After applying for Adsense you will face two-step verification. After the first step, you will have the access to your Adsense account. You must login to your account to generate ad code and put it into your blog. After inserting the ad code the second step verification will start.
When you will get the fully approved Adsense account, you will be able to use it any other site too as long as that site complies with Adsense policy.  Maintain all of the above steps to get google Adsense approval