Man Sets Bank On Fire After Having To Wait To Withdraw Savings

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An angry customer named Nur Islam, set fire to his bank after he had to wait to take out his savings in Melbourne, Australia.

Nur faces 108 charges after he allegedly poured petrol through the branch of Commonwealth Bank in Melbourne, Australia, before setting it alight
At the time, staff and customers - including a mum with a pram - were inside the building.
A court in Melbourne was shown CCTV of Nur, 22, apparently walking into the bank while emptying a cannister behind him.
The footage shows terrified customers fleeing as the place goes up in flames.

According to Yahoo News Australia, Nur became angry at the length of time he had to wait to withdraw his $442 savings.
He allegedly went and bought several litres of fuel before returning to the bank. He is then accused of pouring petrol on the ground and setting it alight.
Nur reportedly set himself on fire too during the incident. He suffered burns to 60 per cent of his body, according to the site.
He has pleaded not guilty to 33 of the charges of intentionally causing injury and serious injury.
Nur will have his next hearing at the County Court of Victoria tomorrow.